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Install your Broadband

A telphone filter must be installed on each of the telephony devices that shares the same telephone number as your Broadband service. These includes: telephones, fax machines, dial-up modems, answering machines, some digital pay TV equipment and any other sinmilar device.
Place a filter on all telephones or simlar devices at your premises by unplugging the telephone cord and placing a filter between the phone and the wall socket.

If you have a home monitoring service (Back to Base Security or Medical Alarm) that uses the same phone line as your Broadband Service, it is your responsability to arrange for a central filter to be installed in your premises.

Setup your printer to print in draft mode

Printing in Draft mode is not so different tan printing in Normal or Best, if you'd like to use less ink, try reducing print quality to Draft;
Here's how:
      - Go to the Start Menu
      - Printers and Faxes
      - Find your printer RIGHT click and go to properties

Look for something like "Printing Preferences" or "Paper/Quality" and change from Best or Normal To Draft; You can always change it back to Normal if you don't like the results in Draft.

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